Friday, May 3, 2013


As a high school teacher, I am exposed to teenagers on a daily basis. They are, on the whole, wonderful creatures with a rich and colorful vocabulary. Not all bad mind you, just different from adult jargon. One word I hear often is "random," as in "Like that's so random" with the voice rising at the end. These photographs are like that...random. No theme, nothing connecting them. I just like them, that's all. The top photo is from my back yard when there was a beautiful sky and the neighbor's vent on their garage looking like a space alien peeking over the fence, at least that's what I see. The popcorn picture was taken in San Francisco. The guitarist is my former student Tom Luce who has about four albums out as the leader of Luce, a Bay Area-based band. The bottom photo represents my occasional foray out into my back yard to take pictures for no apparent reason. 

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