Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hawaii Island Movers 1991

With the news yesterday that Reid Ryan, son of Hall Of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan, had been named President and CEO of the Houston Astros, it brought to mind the summer that we became acquainted as well as other friends, both living and dead, that I look back with such fondness on. Reid was playing that summer with the Anchorage Bucs, a team I had spent five summers with, and we met through a former player of mine who was also with the Bucs, Mark O'Brien. That's Reid and me at the great Rainbow Stadium concession stand. Below is the late Walter Souza, with whom I spent five laugh-filled summers. The middle picture is moi, Joey Estrella, and Tommy Gushiken, fellow coaches and wonderful friends to this day. Joey retires this year as head coach at U Hawaii-Hilo. Gush has been retired for a while now. Next are horses on the other side of Oahu from Honolulu. Last, coaches at the Rainbow Baseball Summer camp having a good chuckle.

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  1. Your lifestyle in Hawaii Island Movers is amazing. Your such an inspiration and I agree with going on an adventure once a week.