Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Forbidden City

When we went to China in 2007, the year before the Bejing Olympics, part of our Viking River Cruises tour included a stop at the Forbidden City. My memories of that day center mostly around how freaking hot, humid, and smoggy it was. As we were herded through the Forbidden City complex of buildings, I wondered to myself, "Why is anyone with half a brain outside in this weather?" As soon as we stepped off the air-conditioned bus and got smacked in the face by the heat, I saw these two guys sound asleep as they waited to get picked up by their tour bus. Inside the walls, workers and soldiers were doing their thing. I was struck by the workout machines sitting outside instead of in a more comfortable environment where somebody might actually be motivated to use them. Maybe motivation's not in anyone's plan, however. I did thoroughly enjoy a game I was playing throughout the trip with my friend Alex. Who could find the best and most signage with bad English translations? Neither of us had to wait too long to see one.

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