Monday, December 23, 2013

Classic Albums on Vinyl #2

The Beatles' "Yesterday And Today" was released on vinyl in 1966, a compilation of tracks from the British albums "Help" and "Rubber Soul" which had not been included on their US counterparts. Capitol Records objected to the cover photo with the dolls and cuts of meat, commonly referred to as the "Butcher Cover" album, and replaced it with a benign photograph of the four Beatles standing around and sitting on a steamer trunk. When I bought my copy, I could see another cover underneath and so set about taking it off with a damp, warm dishcloth. I was partially successful, but succeeded in greatly reducing the album's future value, something I was clearly not thinking of when I did it. I also have a stereo version, a rarity in 1966 when mono ruled, and a web site called Collector's Corner says that the stereo versions of the pressings are worth 10 times more, although I'm not sure if the Apple Records version I have applies. There was a sealed "second state butcher cover" listed on EBay for $23,000! Yikes! I don't know if it sold, however. Album cover photograph taken with the Sony A7.

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