Saturday, December 14, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I work in a very special place among great people and with wonderful kids, none of whom were invited to our annual Christmas party held yesterday in the "Educator's Center" or faculty lounge as I prefer to call it. In a departure from tradition, Mike Mitchell, Tim Houlihan, and Bill Delaney (top photo) took it upon themselves to throw it after school rather than the administration hosting it in the school cafeteria at night. Nice call guys! It was a beautiful, brisk December afternoon and a grand time was had by everyone in attendance. May all who skipped the affair find large lumps of coal in your stockings! (except for our hard-working coaches who had no choice) The culmination of the party was the famous "reverse raffle." Many priceless gifts were given out, an example of which may be seen at bottom. The final prize awarded to one fortunate soul is a DAY OFF FROM SCHOOL! Congrats Emily (we all hate you!). A special thanks to Chris Volta (photo #2) who barbequed his incredible tri-tip with the secret seasoning out on the patio behind the faculty room, Shuggs helping and Dave watching. Photo #3 shows three of my favorite colleagues, Kathryn, Lesley, and Meighan, Father Tony Mancuso relaxing, and then our intrepid trio of men's volleyball coaches, Mike, Big and Tall (Evan), and Jonah. Merry Christmas!

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