Monday, December 30, 2013

Sharks vs Ducks

Last night, I attended my first San Jose Sharks game in about ten years. It was also the first time I have stayed an entire game, usually being quite content to slip out after the second quarter the only other two times I have been. The problem is, I just don't understand the game well enough for it to be that enjoyable. I also have trouble following the puck around the rink. So, I used the experience to continue to practice with the Sony A7. I remembered that taking pictures in snow requires about a 1 to 2 stop exposure compensation because of the whiteness factor, in this case, ice. There is a huge brightness difference between the surface and the background that has to be accounted for. There's also the matter of nailing focus with the glass and net in the way. Third, there's the speed of the game. I was shooting at 1/200th of a second to keep the ISO down to reasonable limits. Most of these photographs are between 1000 and 3200 and I didn't use any noise reduction. Pretty impressive performance. Thanks to Nigel for inviting me and to Dave for the tickets.

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