Sunday, December 22, 2013

Classic Albums on Vinyl

As a former vinyl junkie, I collected a number of hard-to-find LPs over the years. I'm still a huge music fan, but have sold out and now buy CDs. Record companies occasionally released albums to radio stations only, and the Nils Lofgren record, "Back It Up, Nils Lofgren Live, An Authorized Bootleg" was on my must-have list for a few years before I picked up a copy at a record swap meet for the then princely sum of $20.00. It still sounds great today, although I have a digitized version on my iPod. I have retired my turntable but am thinking I might have to resurrect it to listen to some of these older gems. I won't attempt to review this recording because of the futility in trying to get someone to understand what it sounds like...that's what "Dancing To Sculpture" means. Photograph of the cover taken with the Sony A7 and kit lens.

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