Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dave Mason, Rio Theater, Santa Cruz, CA, 12/14/2013

Last night, December 14th, my friend George and drove over the hill to Santa Cruz to meet two other friends to take in the Dave Mason concert at the Rio Theater. The last time I saw Dave, he had a full head of hair, as did I, but that was then. The show was a preparation of sorts for his up-coming East Coast tour of many of Traffic's songs, of which Mason was a member for a couple of years in the late 60's. He wrote the hit "Feelin' Alright" off their second album, but left the band over "creative differences" soon after. Since Dave didn't sing many of the Traffic songs, his versions of them last night were somewhat lacking as he left the vocal duties to his keyboard player. His guitar and vocals on his own material was as sharp as ever, and the sold-out house was enthusiastic after a somewhat lukewarm beginning. Mason even asked the audience at one point, "This is Saturday night, isn't it?" Overall, a good evening with good friends. All photographs taken with the Sony RX100 at 3200 ISO at 125th of a second.

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