Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cannes, France, 2006

On a Mediterranean cruise in 2006 with about 16 other friends and family, we spent a day in Cannes plus a side trip to St. Paul de Vence. The top photo shows the main "plage" of Cannes, with our cruise ship in the background. Clearly, the gigantic Carnival vessel was unable to get to a dock, so we had to be boated in. Carnival is not a line I would trust right now, for obvious reasons. At the time, it seemed fine, but in retrospect, with a couple of other cruises under our belts, Carnival is like bottom feeding cruise-wise. The second picture is included to annoy my friend Nigel, and he knows why. Next is a trompe l'oeil celebrating the films of Jacques Tati. The tree is real, however. At bottom is a poster advertising Photo Fashion Week or some such thing. Photographs taken with the Nikon D50.

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