Sunday, March 17, 2013

Five From Cancun 2012

En route to Cuba, we stay in Cancun for a night on the way in and again a night on the way home. My wife booked us at an all-inclusive hotel, which I usually am not enamored of, but this was fine for two nights. My friend Nigel, lost in his thoughts at bottom, and his lovely wife Sue, made a drive out to some ruins while the rest of us stayed at the hotel pool and took advantage of the myriad dining and beverage options. The top photograph is my homage to Pete Turner, master of color photography. The next shot was taken using Sony's sweep panorama mode during the middle of the day. The middle is early morning before anyone is stirring around. For the lower two photographs, I used the Nikkor 50 mm 1.8 attached via a Photodiox adaptor to the Sony NEX 5n. Shot wide open, it produces lovely out-of-focus "bokeh" as it is called in hipster photographic jargon, with a very shallow depth-of-field. The focal length of 75 mm is perfect for portraits as the subject does not feel the photographer is intruding on his or her personal space. The Nikkor was about $100. The Carl Zeiss 1.8 made for the NEX line is over $1000. No thanks.

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