Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dubrovnik, Croatia

One of my favorite travel photographers is a guy from the East Coast named Bob Krist. I have an old VHS tape by him about travel photography. He even has to stop to change his film. Regardless of when it was made, he does offer a wealth of information about what kind of shots to make sure you come home with so that you don't bore your audience silly. So, in that vein, the top shot is a wide view from the top of the city encompassing the entirety of the place. There's a wall around Dubrovnik which can be walked in about an hour and a half. Next is a photograph establishing a "sense of place" and employing a shallow depth-of-field to isolate the subject from its background, but not so much as to make the words on the umbrellas unreadable. Next is my obligatory laundry/detail shot taken as I walked along the wall. Below that is another wide-angle showing the main drag of the city at night taken at about 1/15th of a second to suggest some movement. And last is another detail scene, also a "sense of place" shot at the harbor with "DB" for Dubrovnik on the side of this less-than seaworthy craft. Thanks Bob! The middle shot of the laundry is also for Nigel.

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