Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Old Waldorf, Part Deux

More from The Old Waldorf. Warren Zevon on 6/7/78 with a band that included guitarists Waddy Wachtel, a madman in his own right, and future and current Bruce Springsteen manager, Jon Landau, better known at that time as rock and roll critic in New York. "I have seen the future of rock and roll and its name is Bruce Springsteen" Very prophetic. Second is Gary Busey with Paul Butterfield and Rick Danko of the Band (not seen here) when Busey was hot as a result of playing Buddy Holly in the biopic. He was a mess after that success, unfortunately. Next is Blondie. I went because it was free and Dana Jang didn't want to go by himself. The second from bottom shot is of someone I really wanted to see, Procol Harum, on the comeback trail. They never really found their stride song-writing wise after about their 4th album, but I loved their early stuff and Gary Brooker, shown here, has one of the great voices in rock, in my opinion anyway. Another favorite of mine was Rockpile, who recorded only one album if memory serves. Pictured here is one of the two founders, British guitarist Dave Edmunds. The other founder was Nick Lowe, along with drummer Terry Williams and second lead guitarist, Billy Bremner, a fine singer/songwriter himself. Great songs in the English "pub rock" genre. The Old Waldorf was nowhere close to The Boarding House as far as intimacy was concerned, what with hipsters and scene-makers cluttering up the room, looking as bored as possible. If you didn't buy a ticket, you tried to look even cooler. The Boarding House wasn't a "See, be seen, be seen eating" type of place, thankfully.

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