Friday, March 15, 2013

Paris, New Year's, 2007

A New Year's trip to Paris was the brainchild of my wife and two of her cronies, and the husbands just said "Sure, why not?" Despite the cold and rain, we had a great time. For me, the highlight was a Segway ride on New Year's day. Yes, we certainly looked like geeky tourists, but we didn't care. I got comfortable enough on the Segway that I could take photographs using two hands and balancing easily. Our guide was from Austin, Texas, and he was going back there the next day. He took us all over Paris while his dog rode with him. At the top is a shot of men playing Boules in the park in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. The middle is us during our lunch break for crepes in the Tuileries Gardens, Segways waiting for us to finish. You cannot ride a Segway in the park, so we had to walk them through. Almost every trip to Paris, I climb the stairs of Notre Dame to get shots of the Gargoyles looking out over the rooftops of this beautiful city. Nikon D80. converted to B&W using Nik software.

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