Thursday, March 28, 2013

Corvallis, Oregon

Last summer, I visited my son, Jason, my daughter-in-law, Kristin, and my twin grandsons, Curtis and Davis,   at their home in Corvallis for a long weekend. Jason is what I like to call a "Francher." He and his business partners own acres of land in Corvallis and Northern California and they cultivate the land, grow a variety of crops, raise sheep, and lease some of it to other folks. The day after I arrived, it was time to mark, vaccinate, and castrate the little sheep. In about two hours, Mac was able to get close to 100 of the little fellas taken care of. I have photographs of the process but they will stay in the vault. The top photograph shows Jason in one of the seed barns; below that he is consulting with Mac about random farm/ranch stuff. In the middle, he is watering his amazingly varied organic garden in the back yard. He has a TOTALLY green thumb. The bottom three shots are of Kristin, Curtis, and Davis on the day of reckoning for the sheep. Ouch Babe!

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