Friday, October 26, 2012

Back Portraits

I wasn't sure what to call this post. They're not really portraits, but each has a person in it. I guess they're just travel photography. The bottom photograph has a sense of place whereas the top one doesn't, unless you've been to Lake Maggiore in Northern Italy. The top photo has the fisherman dead center in the frame, while the bottom shot has the guy off center, his head almost exactly at the "rule of thirds" point. The top photograph does follow the "rule of thirds" with sky, lake, and fisherman taking up approximately a third of the picture each. I've always liked the train station picture. I just wish the guy wasn't wearing such clashing colors. Baby blue, orange, and yellow? The fan is an interesting touch I think. I like the symmetry and formality of the picture and strangely-colored guy adds the human element. Both photographs taken in 2004 with the Konica-Minolta A2, both at ISO 64. This was my 8 megapixel "bridge" camera that served me well for about three years before I got a proper SLR.

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