Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The City of Trinidad, Cuba

The beautiful city of Trinidad is located about 5 hours east of Havana in the province of Sancti Spiritus, founded in 1514 and, in 1988, was declared a World Heritage site. It looks much as it must have looked then with horses outnumbering cars and a pace that, to someone from California, seems glacial. The architecture is stunning everywhere one looks. The predominant yellow theme results from white being considered too harsh on the eyes in the blazing tropical sun. And yes, it is blazing hot from late morning to late afternoon. If this isn't the most photographic place in the world, I haven't been there. There is one excellent hotel in town, the Iberostar Grand, and a few decent places to eat, Sol y Son in particular. For the second visit in a row, we hired Julio Munoz, a horse whisperer (true), casa particular owner, photographer, and all-around man-about-town. A casa particular is a house that serves as a small hotel and is a legal form of business in Cuba. Julio's is widely considered the best in town. 

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