Monday, October 29, 2012

China, 2007

I found China endlessly fascinating, especially from a cultural standpoint. The top photograph was taken in Guilin in Southeastern China. I had arisen early to do some photography before it turned into a blast furnace. This was about 7:30, and right down the waterfront from our hotel, I saw this large group of people dancing to a boom box on the promenade. People get together all over China to dance because their partners won't dance with them, they're looking for Mr. Goodbar, or they just love dancing. Our guide in Xian said that many marriages are at risk because of this activity. The middle shot was taken in Xian, home of the famous and mind-blowing Terra Cotta Warriors. Bottom, on the Li River, Guilin. The two archetypes of Guilin are the karsts behind the fisherman, limestone formations found sparingly around the world, and the cormorant fishermen.

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