Thursday, October 18, 2012

Shadows and Geometry, Big Island, Hawaii

I am very strongly drawn to abstract photographs with geometry, line, shape, shadow, color, texture, and contrast. In neither of these photographs was I consciously looking for anything, they just appeared before me, or in the case of the bottom picture, below me. In the top photograph, we were waiting in the lobby of the hotel to go to dinner, and I saw my wife's shadow against the wall with artwork hanging above her. On the bottom, I was walking back to my room from the beach in the late afternoon, fumbling for my key, looked down and saw the shadow of the railing on the tiles. The top was taken with a Canon Powershot G9, the bottom with the Nikon D90. Lots of Photoshop on the bottom one to get the lines straight since it was impossible to get a straight down-looking angle with the sensor absolutely parallel with the tiles.

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