Sunday, October 21, 2012

Shadows and Geometry, Trinidad, Cuba

My good friend Nigel, the bloke who encouraged me to start a blog, set me up with the hows and whys, and also traveled with his wife and two other young ladies to Cuba with us, always makes fun of me for taking pictures of doors, windows, walls, and the like. Well, I'm naturally attracted to somewhat abstract forms, color, shadow, geometry, and random shapes. There doesn't have to be content per se. Nigel likes content and things that are what they seem to be. That's his engineering background rearing its head. Not necessarily an ugly head, mind you. Just a different way of looking at the world. This photo, for most people, has no sense of place. But for me, it can only be one place: Trinidad. That's because of the distinctive wrought iron framing the wood door and the distinctive colors of the walls. Sony NEX7 with Tamron 18-200.

Travel to Cuba isn't easy, from the difficulties getting in without going on a State Department sanctioned tour, to the snafus one encounters while there, to the ridiculous flight schedules out of Mexico, one must have patience. I don't have any, but thank God my wife and fellow travelers did last summer. For a photographer, the place is simply Nirvana and worth the hassle. Just when I think I've seen enough of Cuba after three trips, I start to get the itch to go back. Once it opens up to Americans, it will never be the same, so go now! Two very well-respected photographers, Peter Turnley and Richard Martin, lead photo tours there. Check them out.

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