Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Drink in Dubrovnik

This cocktail represents the end of a very long day. My wife, champion travel planner, arranged for us to go on a two week trip to Croatia without any others tagging along. Most of our trips involve an assortment of friends or family accompanying us and adding to the general joie de vivre. It was nice to go solo this time. We flew from San Francisco to Frankfurt, then on to Dubrovnik, and then a cab to the city, and finally, somehow, reaching our hotel outside the city proper. We threw our bags on the floor and headed for the terrace bar. I think this is a Margarita but no matter. It was just nice to put our feet up and enjoy the view. Taken with the Nikon D300 at an aperture necessary to throw the background out of focus. Croatia is a relatively undiscovered destination. I'm glad we got a chance to discover it.

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