Sunday, October 14, 2012

Left Bank Painter

This photograph was taken in Paris in 1997. I had been on the top of Notre Dame Cathedral taking pictures of the gargoyles and overviews of Paris when I saw this man in the distance across the Seine. After a few more shots, I hustled down the winding stairs, hoping he would still be there when I got down. He was.There's just something beautiful about Paris anytime, but especially in the winter. This photograph works for me because of the orange, green, and brown colors working together, as well as the wet cement and leaves strewn about. There's also the archetype of the painter in Paris that immediately caught my eye. I was using the Nikon FM 2 and using Fuji Velvia film. The FM 2 served me well for many years, unlike today when gear heads trade up every few years. I'm certainly guilty of that. Today I probably wouldn't put the subject dead center of the photo and taken more time to make a more careful composition, but that's hindsight.

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