Tuesday, October 16, 2012


This was taken in the Summer of 2011 on a trip to Thailand, Viet Nam and Cambodia. There was a five day river cruise on the Mekong as a part of the Viking River Cruises package. We would sail along, get to a temple or village, and pull over or take small boats to shore. This photograph was taken in a temple somewhere in Cambodia. Since these places are rather isolated along a river, and there aren't a ton of other cruises plying the waters (yet), we were the only tourists there (60 of us). It was also this trip that convinced me to sell some of my Nikon gear, my D300 in particular, and move to lighter cameras. I kept my D90 because it's smaller and does video, not that I ever use it. I need to put in a plug for river cruising. This was our second trip with Viking, the first was to China the year before the Olympics. Spectacular service, exotic locales, excellent food, cocktails awaiting the hot and thirsty traveler on his return to the boat, and great land accomodations. Viking uses only 5 star properties.What's not to like?

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